Lydie Solomon Pianiste

Le 14 octobre 2014 à 20h30

Chopin's musical life

Manarat Al Saaydiat Auditorium, Abu Dhabi, ÉAU |  

To introduce the theme of the new musical season, dedicated to the figure of the traveler, we will welcome to Abu Dhabi one of the greatest French piano talents, Lydie Solomon.

A major part of her artistic career is dedicated to the French-Polish composer of the romantic period, Frédéric Chopin. A new concert format designed especially for her Abu Dhabi performances will revolve around the music Chopin composed during his various voyages through Poland, France, Germany and especially the island of Majorca where he stayed with his love, French novelist George Sand. Even though the musical pieces to be performed have been written in different times of Chopin's musical life, they all express the ambivalent core of romantic longing, the aspiration of foreign realms and at the same time the nostalgia of a true homeland.