Lydie Solomon Pianiste

Five minutes with Dr Ronald Perlwitz – Rotana magazine

26 mars 2017

Lydie Solomon Pianiste

“Five minutes with Dr Ronald Perlwitz,
Head of Music Programme for TCA Abu Dhabi”

rotana-2017-03-26“With Abu Dhabi’s classical music season in full swing, the capital is ringing with the sounds of world famous soloists and orchestras. Abu Dhabi Classics has seen French pianist Lydie Solomon pay homage to Chopin and Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra perform the Symphonic Concert 1: Strauss-Bruckner, among other musical highlights.
The overall theme this season is The Traveller, explains Dr. Ronald Perlwitz. “We’re looking at the theme through different eyes and it will be an interesting journey. It’s not about the tourist or the man that’s going to a place for two weeks. It’s about the traveller that leaves a place not knowing when he’s going back. And at the same time it’s nostalgia for the homeland mixed with the excitement of not knowing what to expect.”
The 2016-17 season of Abu Dhabi Classics runs until May.

Rotana magazine, April-June 2017, 2017-03-26 (p. 11)