Lydie Solomon Pianiste

“You have to Sing if you want to play the piano” – Piano Pratique

12 octobre 2012

« “You have to Sing if you want to play the piano” »

“Listening to Lydie Solomon begin a piano recital by singing a melody with a delicious freshness, I remembered the word that Chopin said to one of his students: « You must sing if you want to play the piano. » After that short intro, Lydie Solomon goes directly to the solo piano pieces. It was as if to clear her throat and remind the audience why they were here. Down to its basic unit music is a song. The effect is surprising, we expect a solo recital, and very effective: we are immediately immersed in music. In the nineteenth century concerts mixed opera highlights, chamber music and works for solo instrument. People went to the concert to actually listen to music.

Here is the link to an excerpt from Lydie Solomon recital in Aubrac

Piano Pratique, 2012-10-12